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Director of the DuBow Preschool

The Jacksonville Jewish community is a warm, diverse, unified group of about 13,000 Jews, about half of whom were born and raised here, and the other half coming from points north. The Jacksonville Jewish Center is the only Conservative congregation in town, with about 850 family units. Education has historically been the top priority at the Center. Our Preschool is almost 75 years old; our day camp is 70 years old; our day school close to 53 years old. All of our school and youth programs are integrated and connected through our Galinsky Academy, a nicely endowed umbrella organization within the Jewish Center.

Position Description

Our Preschool is considered to be a warm, welcoming place for families and a gateway into our synagogue and its programs. For 75 years the DuBow Preschool has been known for its creative programming, caring staff and educational excellence. We use a child-centered approach to learning that involves art, music, science, gardening, cooking and outdoor play. Lifelong friendships (among children and their parents) begin in our Preschool, or even before, as we extend our programming to families even before they are enrolled in our Preschool. The Preschool Director is the guiding force in attracting and nurturing families, developing research-based practice, and creating a group of teachers dedicated to excellence.

Specific Tasks

*Ensure the overall success of the preschool
*Communicate the vision and strategy
*Clarify job expectations
*Provide ongoing professional development for the staff
*Maintain our high level
*Provide nurturing socialization and educational opportunities via the implementation of an emergent educational approach that promotes healthy maturation within creative learning and Judaic environments.
*Increase our enrollment
*Maintaining our reputation
*Participate in community wide holidays, activities, and events.
*Serve as an integral piece of the synagogue staff team helping to connect preschool families to the congregation, and working collaboratively

The Ideal Candidate Qualifications

*Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education required; Masters Degree in Education preferred
*A minimum of three (3) years of proven experience as early childhood director
*Three to five years experience teaching/supervising a in a licensed early childhood education center
*Experience in maintaining compliance for health, safety and early childhood licensing and accreditation
*Basic financial management skills
*State of Florida (or other state) Early Childhood Director Certification, preferred

Characteristics and Skills

*Energetic, dynamic leader
*Visionary self-starter with a desire to create rewarding Jewish early childhood programs
*Exhibit superior relationship building and communications skills
* Possess strong knowledge of emergent curriculum programs
*Proven capacity for building meaningful supervisory relationships
* Good critical, creative thinking and decision-making skills.
*Passion for community building
* Knowledge of the best practices in child-centered curricula
* Ability to foster close relationships with families
*Have a strong love of children and desire to help them discover, understand and flourish in the world we inhabit.
*Outstanding communication, interpersonal and presentation skills
*A track record for inspiring teamwork and collaboration.
*Proven experience in customer service management and quality service delivery
*Genuinely warm and caring
*Demeanor that engenders respect and confidence; warm and nurturing
*Articulate and able to interpret goals, expectations, direction for both parents and staff
*Excellence in curriculum development – both secular and Judaic
*Resource contact for families in the community and member families
*Experience with growing the capacity of a program, either through physical expansion or creative management of space and resources.
*Depth of Jewish knowledge and commitment.
*Ability to support teachers’ understanding of and learning about seamlessly integrating Jewish traditions and values within an educational context.

Send resumes to:

Rabbi Jim Rogozen, Head of Schools, Galinsky Academy
Email: jim.rogozen@mjgds.org